Top 10 Watches


You find our top lists of the best luxury watches on this page. The following lists embrace the top 10 watches according to their gain in value by price development or by resale value of a second-hand watch. Particularly, the Rolex Submariner and Rolex Daytona show high returns among the top watches by both criteria. All of our watches are priced under 20,000€ (~21,000$) and standard editions from most popular luxury watch brands. Luxury watches in higher price segments might come with the opportunity of higher returns, but usually with a higher rarity as well. For example, watches from Patek Philippe are highly popular in auctions.


The price development of this selection of luxury watches counts among the top 10 of our portfolio of over 260 popular watches. The growth is assessed by the discounted yearly average increase over the last 5 years. The price development serves as indicator for the gain in value of a luxury watch. Manufacturers are only capable of increasing their premium price substantially and on a constant basis, if their price generates sufficient demand on the market. Among the top luxury watches count popular watches from Rolex, IWC and Omega. Other brands also offer highly demanded watches with a strong gain in value.

The Rolex Daytona is one of the most popular watches by value development over time. This is clearly visible when comparing prices of the Daytona against other popular Rolex watches over the last 23 years.

No.1 | Panerai Base Logo Acciaio:


The resale value (second-hand value) of these luxury watches is highest relative to the watches' original retail sales price. We assess the yearly average return, which could be realized from the online resale of a second-hand watch. Watches, which are relatively new on the market, are likely not to be included in this list. It usually takes a couple of years until a rewarding gain in value can be achieved after the new purchase of a luxury watch.

You will rediscover a couple of watches from the list of top price developments in this list. Particularly Rolex achieves to increase the value of its most popular watches.

No.1 | Rolex Cosmograph Daytona:

Additional Watches with a Top Resale Value:


We focus on luxury watches in a price range of under 20,000€ (~21,000$). Collectors and investors mostly deal with watches in higher price segments, since those time pieces usually come with a significantly higher rarity and higher horological value. Therefore, most of our watches can be safely considered by beginners. However, if you are rather risk adverse, it makes sense to start with a watch under 5,000€. In fact, a mechanical watch requires considerably more attention than a quarz watch, e.g. because of magnets, regular maintenance and fragility. However, the lower your investment, the higher are fixed costs (maintenance) in proportion. We suggest the following selection of our watches for beginners. For example, watches from Tag Heuer and Omega Speedmaster models are an opportunity also for beginners.

You will find a rising popularity and a strong increase in price of the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Chronograph when compared to other watches of Omega. This data bases on official price lists of Omega from 2003 until 2017.


Each watch will suffer at least from small shocks, scratches and water splashes. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a watch for everyday life, which is not excessively expensive. We suggest to pay attention to some general characteristics:
Most mechanical watches already come with a shock-resistent movement, which is absolutely practical in daily life. Furthermore, the glass of the watch case should be made of sapphire crystal, since this is the most scratch resistant type of glas. You might want to look for a watch, which is highly accurate. Swiss Certified Chronometers usually offer the highest accuracy on the market of mechanical watches. Among others, the following selection of luxury watches can be recommended for daily use.

For example, a second hand Breitling Navitimer rose in value over time. Hence, the Navitimer's price increase is clearly above average in comparison to other watches.