Value Development Watches

Horological Value
Every mechanical watch possesses a horological value. This value is directly influenced by the manual effort of manufacturing the watch movement and by the movement's rarity. For example, such movements can be found in watches with a perpetual calendar. The horological value does not necessarily affect the development of the watch's market value, but it can be an important indicator for watches with a rare and complex movement.

Market Value
This important value results from demand and supply of the watch. The supply is determined by the amount of production and is usually kept at a low level to impose a premium price on the market. Popular Swiss brands achieve to increase their prices significantly on a regular basis.
The strong growth of retail sales prices popular watches can be assumed safely, however, it does not guarantee to realize a gain in value in the short to mid term. It is inevitable to have patience for achieving rewarding profits. In fact, retail sales prices of luxury watches come with a retailer margin of 30 to 60%. This margin represents a surcharge on the market value of a watch, thus, has to be compensated by the gain in value after the purchase of a new watch.